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13 Maggio Tappa a Peschici del Giro D'Italia

On 13 May 2017 Giro d'Italia arrives in Peschici on the Gargano: from Molfetta to Peschici a pedal between the wonders of Apulia and in particular of the Gargano.


Spring Events 2017

The town of Peschici in collaboration with associations PRESENT the Spring 2017 Events to Peschici.


Tastes and Traditions


On April 22, in the historic center: Porta del Ponte. Piazza Popolo - Piazza Castello, Arco Zaffarano · Via Le Ripe, to institute care Libetta Peschici will run the project KNOWLEDGE .... TASTES AND TRADITIONS OF MY COUNTRY.


Feast of the Patron Sant Elia Prophet

With the feast of St. Elias the Prophet, Peschici still celebrated today its most engaging religious rite. The origin of the cult of St. Elias in Peschici dates back to 970 A.D., when a Slavic colony of Schiavoni settled in the territory after the leader Sueripolo, by order of Emperor Otto I, he succeeded in expelling the Saracens from the Gargano.
It seems that together with the Slavs, the surviving citizens of Pesclizia (Peschici) established themselves in a house in the area called ...


Madonna di Loreto

The second Monday after Easter is a tradition for Peschiciani make the pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Loreto is one of the most important monuments of the Gargano.

It is close to Peschici precisely two kilometers from the village. One of the most known characteristics is represented by its size or that of a large boat. The church was built between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, on the site where the Madonna had appeared to a group of fishermen swept away by a storm.


Carnival in Peschici

Carnival in Peschici has become a tradition. Started as a joke has now become a irrinungiabile event with Chariots and appearing more and more numerous.

The various associations sfidono every year on the costumes, more and more sought after, and the wagons, bigger and bigger, creating an event not to be missed and above to participate.

Peschici Gargano and SURROUNDINGS

A holiday on the Gargano gives particular suggestions every day, in fact you can launch yourself to the discovery of cobalt blue waters, or visit the caves, walk through the maquis, or rest in the shade of centuries-old beech forest of the Foresta Umbra.

From your Bed and Breakfast in Peschici Gargano it will look like a kaleidoscope of different emotions, from ...


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